Our Philosophy 

Our team is focused on providing you with excellent, individualized care. We want to partner with you to help you achieve your personal dental health goals. Often, dental problems won’t cause discomfort until they are quite advanced.  Knowing that oral reality, our goal is to thoroughly educate you concerning any unstable or unhealthy oral condition that may or may not have progressed to symptoms. Accordingly, we strive to inform you about any associated risks of not treating an oral condition or disease. We also provide you with reliable information about the risks and benefits of all treatment options contemporary dentistry has to offer. Through personalized education and recommendations we seek to enable you to make informed decisions you will be comfortable with and devoid of regret. With us, you will never experience pressure to encourage you to change your mind under the guise of “serving you better by doing it for you – now.” Our desire is that you would have a healthy mouth, not just an asymptomatic one.

We are committed to building lasting relationships with our patients while serving them with integrity and the highest quality of care possible.

Our Mission: Keyser Dentistry strives to be the premier general and specialized dentistry services provider.  We seek to professionally treat and support our patients’ decision to maintain their dental health and hygiene.  We must always deliver our dental health and hygiene treatments with care and sensitivity by leveraging the practice’s culture built on the principles, of unsurpassed patient service, care and satisfaction, hard work and mutual respect and utmost integrity. 

Our team does not just provide quick cosmetic fixes to make people’s teeth look better, we take the time to investigate the causes of the oral condition to help our patients explore the best long term solutions to make their healthy smile last for years to come.

Several things set us apart from other dental offices, first, our skillful use of dental materials that mimic the color, shape, texture, and durability of natural teeth. Second, a caring doctor and team that follow-up with a personal phone call.  We utilize state of the art technology including digital intra-oral cameras including an intra-oral camera which provides increased visibility and the opportunity for the patient to see what the doctor sees. We have a highly skilled and credentialed practitioner who has been using his knowledge and expertise to restore smiles in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area for over two decades. We provide digital intra-oral radiography and digital extra-oral “Cat scan” (CBCT) that greatly reduces patient exposure.

Our team is highly trained and committed to providing exceptional service to each patient. We are not a “high volume” practice. We take pleasure and pride in offering individual personalized care.

Our digital record keeping provides less environmental waste, guarantees patient privacy, and eliminates delays when communicating with other professionals. Our online patient registration forms reduce waste and in-office wait times. Our meticulous infection control procedures include a hospital grade autoclave which exceeds the standards advocated by the ADA and CDC.  Our dental lab utilizes state of the art technology including digital intra-oral cameras.  We provide digital intra-oral radiography and digital extra-oral “Cat scan” (CBCT) that greatly reduces patient exposure.  Having our own dental lab in the office allows patients to meet the dental technician who will be fabricating their restorations. This customized team approach to restorative dentistry provides patients with a dental experience second to none.

Finally we are people of faith that you can trust to offer you honest opinions and recommendations that are in the best interest of your overall health.

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