Dental Bridges

If your smile and oral health is suffering from a missing tooth due to decay, injury, or disease, our Dental Bridges will help get your smile back to looking its best! Dr. Fredrick Keyser and the entire Keyser Dentistry staff is dedicated to helping you commit to a healthy lifestyle, starting with your oral hygiene. We are proud to offer dental bridges and dental crowns to restore your smile to patients in need throughout Durham, Chapel Hill, Morrsiville, Raleigh and beyond.

What are Dental Bridges?

Dental Bridges replace a missing tooth (or teeth), utilizing the adjacent teeth to provide support. Dental bridges are placed between two porcelain crowns or in some cases dental implants, which then bridges the gap that exists from the missing teeth.

How Does It Work? 

Following a comprehensive exam, Dr. Keyser will determine the best course of action for the placement of your dental bridges. Our highly trained team will then custom design and create your dental bridges right here in our Durham office!

Similar to dental crowns, dental bridges are also bonded and placed for long-term use. Dr. Keyser uses dental bridges to restore the missing teeth and gives your smile the radiance it once had!

If you are missing teeth a bridge could help:

  • -Support cheeks and lips for more attractive facial structure.
  • -Optimize oral health by reducing stress on gums and tissues caused by missing teeth.
  • -Decrease the risk for gum disease.
  • -Improve clarity of speech.

Dental Bridges versus Dental Implants

In many cases, dental implants are recommended over dental bridges as they are the closest match to natural looking teeth. However, we know that not everyone qualifies for dental implants. In cases where there is not adequate bone structure to support the dental implant, dental bridges are the recommend course of action. 

We serve all of our patients with the highest quality service and products. Some patients chose dental bridges over dental implants due to cost. Dental implants require a bigger investment, however they are likely to last longer than dental bridges.

Dr. Fredrick Keyser is highly trained in the placement of all types of dental bridges and dental implants and works with each patient to determine and create the best customized treatment plan. Dr. Keyser is proud to serve all patients in the Durham, Chapel Hill, Morrisville, Raleigh, and surrounding areas.

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