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“Quality and comfort are our top priorities. Our experienced staff will provide you caring support and individualized treatments that will make your dental experience comfortable and anxiety-free.” -Fredrick L. Keyser, III. DDS.

My educational background was one of studying engineering at North Carolina State University by virtue of my high school math, chemistry and physics teachers advising that I had a natural aptitude. While I found the subjects that make up engineering interesting, I was not able to find a professional application that was a natural fit for me. With my school loans in tow, my wife and I started down an exhaustive path of due diligence that came to fruition after spending several days with my family physician and dentist. Dental school it was! Having come from a family background of teachers, engineers, and pharmacists, dentistry was entirely new to me, and so, dental school was not only about learning the art and science of dentistry but also the profession.

Having graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill dental school I still was not sure what aspect of dentistry was going to hold my interest. At that time, our first child was an infant and my school debts were adding up so, I went to work as a general dentist. Going back to school full time in a specialty program was not in the reality cards for me. Therefore, as the years went by I referred out the dentistry that I did not enjoy and actively pursued nationally recognized continuing education centers to master what I was interested in. The years of general dentistry had brought my interests into clear focus; operative and prosthodontic restorative dentistry ranging from esthetic fillings to full mouth rehabilitations.

I loved rebuilding what was worn, broken, missing or decayed. My educational progression grew from the foundations and principles taught by The Dawson Center, The Piper Group, Spears Institute, Cranham Esthetics, Bertiloti Adhesives, Triangle Implant Institute and now the Carl Misch continuum on implantology and prosthodontics. As I progressed through advancing dentistry I unexpectedly realized that my engineering training was helping me. The analytical and critical thinking protocols I was taught coupled with the understanding of loads, forces, and materials in a functioning system came to life for me in mouths through dentistry.

My wife and I are high school sweet hearts with two children. Our daughter is studying for her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia and our son is studying for his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We are a close-knit family that enjoys the theatre, the symphony, rock and roll concerts, country concerts, college sports, racing cars and pets (especially our German Shepherd, Brillie, and our cat, Porsche.)


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