TMD & TMJ Treatment and Therapy  

Dr. Fredrick Keyser and the entire Keyser Dentistry staff is dedicated to helping you commit to a healthy lifestyle, starting with your oral hygiene. While we offer other cosmetic, implant, and restorative services, we are proud to offer a full range of general dentistry services in our Durham, North Carolina office.

Are you experiencing pain or discomfort in your jaw, near your ear, or side of your mouth? Do you hear a constant popping every time you open & close your mouth? It is likely you are suffering from TMD or TMJ. Not to worry, Keyser Dentistry is here to help relieve your pain! We are experts in detecting and diagnosing TMD or TMJ disorder.

TMD & TMJ Treatment at Keyser Dentistry, Durham NC

What is TMD & TMJ? 

TMD stands for Temporo-mandibular disorders, while TMJ stands for temporo-mandibular joint. TMD is complicated myriad of muscle, dental, and jaw joint dysfunction resulting in pain and/or structural failure. TMD is the joint responsible for the opening and closing of your mouth. Most people commonly refer to the issues affecting the jaw joint, face muscles, and surrounding nerves as TMJ.

Causes of TMD & TMJ 

While there is no single cause for TMJ, many factors can cause TMJ including:

  • -Injury or trauma to the head, neck, or face.
  • -Various types of arthritis.
  • -Trauma or injury to the jaw.
  • -Chronic teeth grinding.
  • -Tooth & jaw alignment.
  • -Stress.

Symptoms of TMJ & TMD

Symptoms of TMJ disorder vary amongst patients. TMJ symptoms often disguise themselves as other medical conditions, making it difficult to diagnose. Common symptoms of TMJ disorder include:

  • -Facial, neck, and tooth pain.
  • -Restricted facial movement.
  • -Limited movement of the jaw.
  • -Clicking or popping when opening or closing the jaw.
  • -Teeth Grinding.


If you have been having persistent pain or tenderness in your jaw, it’s time to visit Keyser Dentistry! Dr. Keyser and our highly trained team will evaluate your smile help to bring your jaw and bite into proper alignment and restore maximum functionality, while minimizing discomfort. Dr. Keyser will prescribe the proper course of action, sometimes involving the combination of multiple TMJ treatments depending on your needs and condition.

  • -Maintaining a softer food diet to slowly reduce stress on the joint.
  • -Icing and heating the affected area.
  • -Pain relievers & anti inflammatories.
  • -Muscle relaxants.
  • -Occlusal Equilibration- adjusting the alignment of teeth for an optimal fit.
  • -TMJ mouth guard.
  • -Orthodontics.
  • -Reconstruction.

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